If circumstances prevent us meeting in person or you would prefer an alternative form of counselling that ensures confidentiality and security I offer both Telephone and Online Counselling as alternatives.  Receiving counselling like this can offer more flexibility as it can be undertaken from various locations as long as you have your device with you.  These forms of communication can be less intrusive, can offer more of a sense of control in the process and some clients actually find it easier to talk about their issues when they’re not in the same room as their therapists.  It is also useful if mobility is an issue or time limits your availability to engage.

Telephone Counselling

Note: It is my policy never to engage in remote counselling with a client who is driving or in control of a moving vehicle.  This is for their safety and that of other members of the public

On-line Counselling via Zoom™ video conferencing.

This is an established secure platform popular with online therapists.  You can find out more about Zoom via the following link (Zoom.us)

Counselling is undertaken from our own separate locations using a webcam and audio link on your chosen device (such as your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone), having downloaded the Zoom app. 

How it works

  • Together we would agree a convenient date and time for your on-line session.  A few minutes before the session begins I would send an email invitation for you to join the Zoom appointment.  This would contain a link which would admit you into a safe and secure remote waiting room  where I would meet you.   If it’s our first appointment  and you are opening the link for the first time, Zoom will guide you through the process and invite your permission for the Zoom software to be uploaded onto your device.  You will be prompted about using your device’s audio and video. This only takes a few minutes. 

Join the Session on your Computer or Laptop

  1. Once the Zoom App is downloaded onto your device, return to my email and click on the meeting link.  The meeting will open in a new browser window.
  2. To turn your camera and audio on, tap the camera and audio icons on the bottom left

Join the Session on your Phone or Tablet

  1. Download the Zoom app from your App Store. Make sure your device is fully charged
  2. Open my email and click on the Zoom meeting link.  The Zoom app will automatically open into our meeting.  Use headphones with a mic attached  for added privacy
  3. If your camera is not showing, tap your device and tap the camera icon. Do the same if you have problems with your audio

I would send an emailed invitation for each on-line appointment we make together – ensuring that the space is never available to anyone other than the two of us.


If the email you receive has come from my email account it is safe and secure for you to click on.

However, you need to take personal responsibility for your own computer security and ensure that confidentiality is protected.  If you have any concerns about the security, confidentiality or potential compromise of our session please let me know.

Tips when engaging in Remote Counselling

  1. In the absence of counselling room facilities, for your comfort, try to have a glass of water, tissues and a pad and pen available in case they are needed.
  2. Try to ensure that you are in a quiet space when having the counselling,  where you will be uninterrupted and not overheard.
  3. Stabilise your device on a flat surface rather than holding it, for minimum disruption and distraction
  4. Try to position your device so that you are sitting with the light/window facing you so that you don’t appear in darkness on the screen and I can see your face when we are talking together
  5. Travelling to and from an appointment can allow time to decompress after the session.  In the absence of this due to telephone or on-line counselling, allow some time to relax after each session.